Kids with guns


Maybe it’s because I come from a very liberal state and here in NYC we are much more concerned with the sights, the food and the atmosphere. But I did not grow up with an insane interest in fire arms. I simply do not understand some states that are so interested in guns that they would give a five year old child a gun as a gift. I was immediately enraged when I read the article about a 5 year old boy that shot his 2 year old sister. The article was really sad to me because I cannot understand why any parent would want to give a 5 year old a gun as a gift for their birthday. The violence and implications of guns these days are not lost on many people and the world and these implications are mostly negative. Guns are mostly used in violent situations and are meant as a means of protection. I doubt a 5 year old has that particular need for protection and if they do than it’s the family that should be doing that protecting and not the gun.

I am shocked at the lack of protection that parents are currently giving to their children. Some parents are simply not watching their children and are often oblivious and unaware for what is going on in their children’s lives. Another story that I read about a 12 year old boy in queens shooting his 14 year old sister in the stomach is another example of that. The mother in this incident had no idea that the son had found the gun. I mean at 12 year old I wasn’t even allowed to walk to the store by myself let alone go outside and find a gun. I think at such a young age it is ridiculous that parents are not aware of what is going on in their own households. Are parents too busy working that children are left unsupervised and unattended? I don’t think guns should be in the hands of children period. I know some states may argue with me and a lot of them do raise their young children on guns.

Guns are actually a bigger part of some states culture than others. Hunting and shooting ranges are more common in these states. People can buy a gun right along with their coffee or shop for guns at walmart. Although I think its ridiculous I think that people are entitled their own opinions on guns. My only concerns are the safety of children and the people that may come across the people with these guns.



weight loss 2scale picture   People seem to put a great amount of importance on their appearance lately and as time goes on it seems to be having a major affect on our society. The world is more concerned about the new dieting fads than whether or not there is a war going on overseas. They would rather spend countless dollars on pills, wraps and junk than give to charities and the help the homeless. The way of the world has become much more self-centered lately. But can you really blame people for being self-centered?

The society that we live in puts much more importance on looks and beauty than they do a lot of other things. Women strive for the perfect waist and guys strive for the perfect abs. Therefore, we spend a great deal of time in the gym and obsessing about the way we look.

However, society does give people mixed messages about body image. The perfect body will never be attainable because people have different perceptions of what that body should look like. People are also concerned with quick fixes and fast results. Losing weight is something that takes consistent exercise, dieting and a generally change in lifestyle.

I personally have had issues battling the fight with the bulge. The winner or loser of the battle depends on how discipline and resistant to bad foods you are. Bad food is like the antagonist in the story and you will either be the protagonist that won or failed their mission. I can imagine everyone is in this world would like to win their mission against gaining weight.

230 FIFTH?

Today I got invited to a breakfast buffet in Manhattan that is located in a place called 230 fifth. The breakfast buffet offers unlimited breakfast from 7 to 4 pm20140301_153226 for 29 dollars. The meal comes with a whole buffet style of sausage, pancakes, fruits, salads, French toast, bacon and waffles among other things. The selection was amazing and the first mimosa (Champagne and orange juice) came free with your order.  The drinks were cheap and so amazing that people were sipping margaritas and martinis way before 5 pm.

Along with the buffet was a selection of sweets such as cookies and pastries and the water, juice, and coffee came included for free. The buffet is offered every Saturday and Sunday and 230 fifth is located within a hotel on the top floor. The roof top buffet gave spectacular views of the city as people all around enjoyed their breakfast. The atmosphere was inviting, cool and hip.

1653911_10203331756002502_1067271060_n   The buffet can be reached easily by taking the N, R, 6, F, or D train to 28 street. The hotel also features these unique Igloos that sit on the rooftop. They are heated and included a sofa and a television so that people can enjoy the roof top even in cold weather. I think the buffet and the venue in general is a great place to go if you like to eat breakfast. Breakfast just so happens to be my favorite meal of the day and with the selection that they offer it is well worth the try. I will be heading to 230 fifth at least once a month. I don’t know about you guys but I’m excited. Happy eating.

Coming out? Is it the new phase?

lgbtMicheal Sam an up in coming football player came out of the closet recently; Along with Ellen page and Michelle Rodriguez this week. The coming out factor can be seen by some as a phase because many in the public eye are deciding to do so. The popular Macklemore song “same love” comes to the LGBT world’s defense with his song about equality. And lady Gaga has always been a highly known supporter of the gay community. Although, the exposure is definitely a positive thing for the gay community it can also cause people to wonder if coming out is beginning to be a trend. The world has amazingly become much more receptive towards the topic but some are still skeptics. Does the coming out of these celebrities hurt or benefit the LGBT community?

Ellen page says in her speech that she could no longer continue to hurt herself by remaining in the closet. She says that because of her position in the public eye her coming out is a positive thing for the community. I happen to agree that celebrities coming out can give many gay in the closet people more hope, courage and strength. But people that oppose homosexuality can also argue that it is now becoming the popular choice opposed to simply accepting that people do in fact feel this way. Coming out is a big deal; but there may always still be negative backlash that comes along with doing so. Micheal Sam may or may not be accepted in the NFL once he is recruited but will he be treated differently now that fans know the truth?

Drinking some diversity with your Coke

CoCA      People spat out their coke mid sip during the 2014 New Jersey Super Bowl Sunday night as the 60 second Coca Cola Commercial came on. The commercial featured different types of people of different orientations, religions, languages and races singing “America the beautiful” in the background. Social networks such as twitter and Facebook showed viewers apparent outrage to Coca Cola’s reflection of America. Many viewers suggested that America should not reflect difference languages, races, or orientations. The problem that I have with this is that America is a Multi-cultural country which is represented by many different languages, races and orientations.

English is not the only language of America. People voiced their outrage through racial and cultural biases that honestly revealed the dark and ugly side of many Americans. The responses of many to the Super Commercial criticized the fact that the commercial was in different languages. Many people openly said that the commercial did not represent America because they could not understand the languages spoken. Personally I think the song “America is beautiful” Is a song that many Americans should know the words to by heart. The song originally a poem written in 1893 became a song in 1904 and has been a popularized hymn ever since.  The fact that people complained that they did not understand the words because the language changed is kind of ridiculous. Regardless of the language that a popular song is sung in the meaning would not be diluted. National anthems all over the world can be translated and understood by millions just the same.