Coming out? Is it the new phase?

lgbtMicheal Sam an up in coming football player came out of the closet recently; Along with Ellen page and Michelle Rodriguez this week. The coming out factor can be seen by some as a phase because many in the public eye are deciding to do so. The popular Macklemore song “same love” comes to the LGBT world’s defense with his song about equality. And lady Gaga has always been a highly known supporter of the gay community. Although, the exposure is definitely a positive thing for the gay community it can also cause people to wonder if coming out is beginning to be a trend. The world has amazingly become much more receptive towards the topic but some are still skeptics. Does the coming out of these celebrities hurt or benefit the LGBT community?

Ellen page says in her speech that she could no longer continue to hurt herself by remaining in the closet. She says that because of her position in the public eye her coming out is a positive thing for the community. I happen to agree that celebrities coming out can give many gay in the closet people more hope, courage and strength. But people that oppose homosexuality can also argue that it is now becoming the popular choice opposed to simply accepting that people do in fact feel this way. Coming out is a big deal; but there may always still be negative backlash that comes along with doing so. Micheal Sam may or may not be accepted in the NFL once he is recruited but will he be treated differently now that fans know the truth?



  1. I think the “coming out” of celebrities can both hurt and help the LBGTQ community. I think it helps because it shows people that are in the closet that there are other people out there like them. Whether or not these people are your favorite music artist, actor, or radio personality, you tend to feel a connection to them in some way. I think that it can hurt the LBGTQ community because I do see the trend that you are referring to. I feel like so many people, females mainly, are suddenly homosexual. They see that their favorite artist such as Rihanna or Nicki Minaj rapping and singing about sexual acts with the same sex and are very intrigued. Not to mention the respond it gets from the guys and there’s nothing more these young (or young minded) girls love more than attention. Also I agree with you again, I find that people could be a huge fan of someone until they find out about their sexual orientation. Take Frank Ocean for example, people loved is music, the minute they found out he was bisexual a lot of people turned on him. I for one think that sexual orientation has nothing to do with a person’s talent.

    1. This may be one of the touchiest topics one could ever blog about while keeping in mind the audiences perception of the message. I really have no take on people “coming out”, but I will say that it confuses and causes experimentation. When a celebrity speaks on their personal life its really alarming for those younger fans who are not following those same ideals. I’m all about the profession and could careless about your personal life as long as it does not hinder your craft. There are many talented individuals who “came out” and were “accepted” by their followers. I just feel that this whole topic and the act messes with the moral of some and questions beliefs. Does one feel that when they “come out” they could live life how they want and not in secret? Either way I just enjoy the craft that is produces or talent displayed and could careless about sexual preferences.

    2. I totally agree with you that a lot of artist are you using homosexual as a way to sell there music and just to get attention. Most people see this as a trend now because nobody really takes the time to think there’s more to the LBGT community. Its not always about rapping and singing about sexual acts. It takes brave souls to put their self in the forefront and basically say “This who I am.” As a friend to many gay adults, I find it very powerful when they are not ashamed to hide them selves. I believe when celebrities chose to flaunt homosexually in a ignorant way it lessens the importance and helps the skeptics. I am a big Frank Ocean fan and I agree that sexual orientation has nothing to do with talent. This post is very interesting because I never actually took the time out to think about how “coming out” could help yourself, but also harm others in different ways.

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