Drinking some diversity with your Coke

CoCA      People spat out their coke mid sip during the 2014 New Jersey Super Bowl Sunday night as the 60 second Coca Cola Commercial came on. The commercial featured different types of people of different orientations, religions, languages and races singing “America the beautiful” in the background. Social networks such as twitter and Facebook showed viewers apparent outrage to Coca Cola’s reflection of America. Many viewers suggested that America should not reflect difference languages, races, or orientations. The problem that I have with this is that America is a Multi-cultural country which is represented by many different languages, races and orientations.

English is not the only language of America. People voiced their outrage through racial and cultural biases that honestly revealed the dark and ugly side of many Americans. The responses of many to the Super Commercial criticized the fact that the commercial was in different languages. Many people openly said that the commercial did not represent America because they could not understand the languages spoken. Personally I think the song “America is beautiful” Is a song that many Americans should know the words to by heart. The song originally a poem written in 1893 became a song in 1904 and has been a popularized hymn ever since.  The fact that people complained that they did not understand the words because the language changed is kind of ridiculous. Regardless of the language that a popular song is sung in the meaning would not be diluted. National anthems all over the world can be translated and understood by millions just the same.



  1. Hey! I loved your title for your blog! It instantly caught my attention. Talking about entertainment was a really good choice since it’s such a broad topic. You seem really passionate about your topics. While reading your blogs, I can tell how much you were into it. It shows that you put time and thought into each post. I liked this post in particular because you included your own thoughts and opinion on how you felt about others judgment on the commercial. I would like to suggest that you add more widgets to your blog because it will allow others to be more involved in your blog (following you, etc.) I liked your “about me” page. Good Job and good luck with becoming a journalist!

  2. White supremacists took an absolute beating at this year’s Superbowl. There was this commercial that had them in a fury on Twitter only minutes after it aired. There was the sequel to the Cheerios commercial with the interracial which obviously had two goals: Advertise Cheerios and anger those who got angry over the first one. Bruno Mars, who is a mix of several races, performed at halftime. A black quarter-back won which is significant because a few decades ago if you asked why there were no black quarterbacks, a white supremacist would have told you it was because no black man is smart enough to play the position. Richard Sherman also got the victory and that’s significant because he was labeled a thug so absolutely no good reasons. These things may seem insignificant to those who don’t have racial hate in their heart, but to a hardcore racist these were absolute disasters.

    1. All I can say is Preach on! Seriously, when I saw the commercial, I knew the racial slurs were on the way and it still broke my heart when I saw those comments. It’s sad to say even though we live in this diverse New York City, America is made up of 49 more states and aren’t nearly as diverse. Still, how can such ignorance be tolerated.These comments were just spats of racial stereotypes that were basically discriminating based on language. When will people actually stop judging based on race and realize we are all just humans. I love that you wrote about this topic. It needed to be said. Language is used to connect people, it shouldn’t be thought to separate. Ironically, “America is beautiful” the song means that America is beautiful because it embraces equality and freedom. These same fools who believe the song is misinterpreted should understand America is Beautiful because it embraces diversity as well.

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