230 FIFTH?

Today I got invited to a breakfast buffet in Manhattan that is located in a place called 230 fifth. The breakfast buffet offers unlimited breakfast from 7 to 4 pm20140301_153226 for 29 dollars. The meal comes with a whole buffet style of sausage, pancakes, fruits, salads, French toast, bacon and waffles among other things. The selection was amazing and the first mimosa (Champagne and orange juice) came free with your order.  The drinks were cheap and so amazing that people were sipping margaritas and martinis way before 5 pm.

Along with the buffet was a selection of sweets such as cookies and pastries and the water, juice, and coffee came included for free. The buffet is offered every Saturday and Sunday and 230 fifth is located within a hotel on the top floor. The roof top buffet gave spectacular views of the city as people all around enjoyed their breakfast. The atmosphere was inviting, cool and hip.

1653911_10203331756002502_1067271060_n   The buffet can be reached easily by taking the N, R, 6, F, or D train to 28 street. The hotel also features these unique Igloos that sit on the rooftop. They are heated and included a sofa and a television so that people can enjoy the roof top even in cold weather. I think the buffet and the venue in general is a great place to go if you like to eat breakfast. Breakfast just so happens to be my favorite meal of the day and with the selection that they offer it is well worth the try. I will be heading to 230 fifth at least once a month. I don’t know about you guys but I’m excited. Happy eating.


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