weight loss 2scale picture   People seem to put a great amount of importance on their appearance lately and as time goes on it seems to be having a major affect on our society. The world is more concerned about the new dieting fads than whether or not there is a war going on overseas. They would rather spend countless dollars on pills, wraps and junk than give to charities and the help the homeless. The way of the world has become much more self-centered lately. But can you really blame people for being self-centered?

The society that we live in puts much more importance on looks and beauty than they do a lot of other things. Women strive for the perfect waist and guys strive for the perfect abs. Therefore, we spend a great deal of time in the gym and obsessing about the way we look.

However, society does give people mixed messages about body image. The perfect body will never be attainable because people have different perceptions of what that body should look like. People are also concerned with quick fixes and fast results. Losing weight is something that takes consistent exercise, dieting and a generally change in lifestyle.

I personally have had issues battling the fight with the bulge. The winner or loser of the battle depends on how discipline and resistant to bad foods you are. Bad food is like the antagonist in the story and you will either be the protagonist that won or failed their mission. I can imagine everyone is in this world would like to win their mission against gaining weight.


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