Kids with guns


Maybe it’s because I come from a very liberal state and here in NYC we are much more concerned with the sights, the food and the atmosphere. But I did not grow up with an insane interest in fire arms. I simply do not understand some states that are so interested in guns that they would give a five year old child a gun as a gift. I was immediately enraged when I read the article about a 5 year old boy that shot his 2 year old sister. The article was really sad to me because I cannot understand why any parent would want to give a 5 year old a gun as a gift for their birthday. The violence and implications of guns these days are not lost on many people and the world and these implications are mostly negative. Guns are mostly used in violent situations and are meant as a means of protection. I doubt a 5 year old has that particular need for protection and if they do than it’s the family that should be doing that protecting and not the gun.

I am shocked at the lack of protection that parents are currently giving to their children. Some parents are simply not watching their children and are often oblivious and unaware for what is going on in their children’s lives. Another story that I read about a 12 year old boy in queens shooting his 14 year old sister in the stomach is another example of that. The mother in this incident had no idea that the son had found the gun. I mean at 12 year old I wasn’t even allowed to walk to the store by myself let alone go outside and find a gun. I think at such a young age it is ridiculous that parents are not aware of what is going on in their own households. Are parents too busy working that children are left unsupervised and unattended? I don’t think guns should be in the hands of children period. I know some states may argue with me and a lot of them do raise their young children on guns.

Guns are actually a bigger part of some states culture than others. Hunting and shooting ranges are more common in these states. People can buy a gun right along with their coffee or shop for guns at walmart. Although I think its ridiculous I think that people are entitled their own opinions on guns. My only concerns are the safety of children and the people that may come across the people with these guns.


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